Video transcription

Hi I'm Brandi Mackenzie and today I'm going to show you a technique. It's using lemon juice and a heat gun and creating a really cool aged look. But I'm going to just use a Pocket Silhouettes. This is a Stampin' Up stamp set. Just to give us an image to, focus point. And lets do the white one. It doesn't matter what we stamp in because we're just playing around right now. So I'm going to just stamp it in old olive. So there's our focal point. Nothing spectacular. But when we do this what I've done is I have an aqua painter and you can just screw it off. You can fill it with water. I've chosen to fill it with lemon juice. And what you do is to get the really burnt edge look you need to have it almost running on the paper. Run on the paper. Lets go ahead and dry it. Ah, there we go. Does take a minute to make sure you get it all nice and dry but. Okay it does take a minute for it to do it but if you hold it a little close it gives it a burnt look. And that is how you get a, that's how you use lemon juice to get this really cool look.