How to Repel Bees

Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to repel bees. Now my theory is we need these bees. We need them to pollinate our apple trees and our peach trees and all the other trees that we have in our world and without bees we won't have fruit so we don't really want to kill any bees so my theory with bugs and wild animals is you set boundaries for them and so you protect yourself from them. So the first way to repel bees is to make sure that you are not doing anything that attracts bees. We all know that bees love food, they love sweets, they love perfume, they love all different types of fragrances that smell like food and they love water. So if they are around you they are probably near food or protein. They love all types of food around them. So an easy way to repel bees is to put different types of plants even on your tables or in your house or anywhere that the bees are located, plant a lot of these different plants that they don't like. So most bees don't like different types of herb like spearmint and thyme and even eucalyptus s great. Bees don't generally like the fragrance of eucalyptus. So if you rub your body with eucalyptus or you rub mint on yourself whenever you are around bees or outside, so just protect yourself from the bees. So just putting some vegetable oil on your skin because a lot of times the bees will come to sting you but they don't like the oil at all and it will stop them, so olive oil, lavender oil, any type of citronella oil works really well and even deet is a chemical that is found naturally from a tree in India but it is not good for children under two years old so it makes me wonder how good it really is but they say it is not as bad as pyrethrums which they are now finding are just a chemical that is found in chrysanthemums that kills pretty much any type of bugs and they are using it in all types of flea washes as well and women that have used these pyrethrum washes when they were pregnant they are finding have twice as much a chance to have autism in their children so I'm to the point I try not to use any chemicals in my yard. I have found that any type of oil works really well so spraying the bees with a hose too. If there are a lot of bees around in an area and they're in the tree or they're anywhere that you don't want them to be, spray them down and a lot of times they'll leave. A lot of times cooking spray too is an oil and just spray that on your body and a of of times it will stop the bees from bothering you at all. Even lime or lemon too works really well with bees. A lot of times they won't bother you if you actually rub your body with lemon or lime.

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