Today I'm going to show you how to repair a cracked nail. She has two cracks; right here and one right here. Now depending on how bad they are and how low they are will determine what you're going to use. This one doesn't seem to be....doesn't appear to be all the way through, but this one is. If it were more than half over, I would suggest cutting it down lower and then just tipping it. But today we're going to go ahead and we're going to first just wipe it all down. I'm going to just take the shine off the nail. I'm going to place a base coat of resin over the entire nail. I'm just going to let any excess come off onto the paper. You're going to spray it with the activator, you're going to want to be about six to eight inches away. And I always like to make sure that nothing runs, and just gently tap it. See if it's dry yet. It's dry. And I'm going to then use a piece of fiberglass. You're going to take your fiberglass, and I'm looking at the size there, and just kind of eying it out. And what we're going to do is we're going to place that and overlap it over top of what....where the crack is. And then I'm just going to trim around the edges, making sure that nothing's hanging over the skin, and actually just a little bit before the skin. Then we're going to go ahead and take and put another layer of resin. I usually like to dab a bead in the middle and then just kind of work it to the sides. And you're going to take your activator, six to eight inches, spray it, give it a second. I always tap it with something so I don't stick my finger to it. And it's dry. Then what I'm going to do is take and all this little excess that 's hanging off, we're just going to lightly file to get that excess off of there. Okay. Then we're going to take and put another layer of resin, just to seal everything in. And, making sure not to get any on the cuticle, there. And we're going to give it another spray. Okay now, our crack should be nice and sealed, and I'm going to just go ahead and continue with the four way buffer, and that's just going to smooth any little bumps or ridges and bring it to a shine. Take my buffing block, and there you have it. Repaired nail, no more cracks, and she's good to go.