Hello! My name is Luis Estrada and I am a software developer. In this video, I'll show you how to permanently delete pictures and files from memory cards. I'm using Windows XP. Windows is a Registered Trademark of Microsoft. A company to which I have no affiliation. In this memory card, I have some pictures taken with my digital camera. Also I have copied a few files to it. To permanently delete all these files, you can format the card. Right click on the card and select format. Here you see the cards information. Like it's capacity and file system. You can add a volume label which is a name that you give to the card. The quick format option deletes only the file table. That is the relation of the files inside the card. So the card appears to be empty. But the files can be recovered using specialized software. If you de-select the quick format option. Then the entire card is formatted and the files cannot be recovered. This option takes a lot more time than the quick format. Press start and you see a warning that all files will be erased. Click o.k. and the process will begin. Finally, format is completed. I'm Luis Estrada and I've just shown you how to edit your digital images.