Hi this is Christian from Mellow Johnny's in Austin, Texas. Today we have Hanie set up here on a stand or a trainer demonstrating basically how to pedal a road bike. Pretty fluid cadence, pretty even, pretty smooth. Basically you want to have a relatively flat pedal or a flat position on your foot, minimal bend in your knee. As you can see he's got a special cleated or clipless pedal. It has a cleat that actually locks on to a pedal which will allow you to have a more fluid pedal stroke. You can both press down and pull up on the pedal as you are pedaling. It has a release mechanism here. When you're choosing a bicycle or a pedal system a clipless pedal system might not be a bad idea. It will actually help in your pedal stroke and make you more efficient as far as getting actual power to the crank arms so basically you know when it comes to deciding whether you are going to do a clipless platform system or a regular platform pedal definitely don't be afraid of it. It's something that will make you a better cyclist.