My name's Ryan Parker with Parker Home Renovations and today I'm going to teach you how to find a wall stud. O.k, there's several different ways you can find a wall stud and you might need to do so if you're trying to hang a picture or a towel bar, or hang anything heavy, you may need to locate a stud. The first thing that you could do, probably the easiest way to do it is to go to the store and find you a stud finder, such as this. And what you'll with the stud finder is you'll actually, you'll hold the back of it on a wall, and you'll press the button on the side, you'll just drag is across the wall until the red light, lights up and it starts beeping, and that tells you where the edge of the stud is and you'll want to mark it on the wall until you find both sides of the stud, so you'll know where to nail and you want to nail in the middle of the stud. The second thing to know is most studs are either two by fours, or two by sixes and they're generally placed sixteen to twenty four inches apart from each other. However when you get into the corners or near doors they may be slightly different just to make up for where the door had to be or where they drew the door to be. Another way you could find studs, is you could get a nail like these here, a roofing nail, or a Brad nail, or really any type of nail that you want, and you could hold the nail and you could nail it through the sheet rock, until you feel like you've hit something solid. If you've hit something solid, it'll be real hard to pull it back out with your fingers, you'll have to get it back out with a hammer. If you didn't hit something solid, you can just grab it with your fingers and pull it back out. Basically, if you hit something solid, usually it's a two by four, and hope it's not a pipe.