Hi my name is Lisa. I'm a hair stylist in Wilmington, North Carolina and I'm going to talk about how to strip hair color. Basically what you want to do is you want to get a color remover. It is a product that can be found at a professional beauty supply and you will usually mix it with a little bit of peroxide, either a 10 or 20 volume is the highest recommended level to strip hair color. You're going to be wanting to remove unwanted pigments. In this case perhaps we have got the client's hair too dark and we want to lift it up a level or two. So you would apply the color remover not all the way to the route but you want it to start about an inch away otherwise the heat from the head is going to cause the chemicals to lighten more than you want so you just want to remove the actual permanent color from the hair so you'll want to apply it just about an inch from the scalp to the ends throughout the hair in small sections. Be sure to coat each strand and then watch it carefully. You don't want to do this under heat. You just want to do this at room temperature and then you want to shampoo and condition and you may even want to put on a deep conditioner and then when you are completely finished and you have removed as much color as you want you'll want to re-tone and condition until you get your desired shade and that's how you strip hair color.