How to Reduce the MB Size of a Photo

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Marika Neumann and I'm going to show you how to reduce the MB size of a photo. You will need a computer, a photo editing program and your picture. MB is short for megabyte which is the most common unit of measurement for computer storage. Pictures will generally range from 2 megabytes to 15 megabytes, depending on the type of camera you are using. Let's say for instance that we're working with a 15 megabyte picture and we want it to get down to 5 megabytes. The first thing to do is open your photo editing program. I will be using Adobe Photoshop. Import your picture by going to File and then Open and double-click on the picture you want to open. To reduce the file size, choose Image and then Image Size. Reduce your image proportionally in all dimensions by making sure the constrain proportions check box is checked. If you don't do this, your image may appear stretched or disproportionate. type in the height and width size that you are wanting and click Okay. Once you have done this, save a copy on your computer, and that is how to reduce the MB size of a photo.

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