In this clip we're going to about the proper way to remove and replace an electronic cooling fan. In this clip we're going to talk about the proper service procedure in order to drain some coolant out of the vehicle, so we can take our hoses off, and get access to our cooling fan mounting bolts. Now this step may or may not be necessary on your particular vehicle, however on this one it is and I'm going to go over the service procedure for draining the coolant out if necessary. What I have is a bucket, I'm going to take slide it underneath the drain cock on the radiator. The radiator is going to have a drain cock on either the right or left lower corner. There may be a small hose connected to it, and what it's going to look like is a wing nut normally made of plastic screwed into a drain tube on the radiator. This one happens to be located on the right side, right down here. As you can see it does look like a wing nut and screws into the drain on the bottom of the radiator. This is the drain hose that is attached to it. Now some vehicles do have it some vehicles do not. If it does, you're going to want to take and point that hose directly into the center of your drain bucket. It is a lefty loosie, righty tighty kind of nut, we're just going to unscrew it until coolant becomes draining out. Now it's necessary to drain out a significant amount being that we're going to be working on the top of the vehicle. Alright, right there. And that is the proper service procedure for draining coolant out of your radiator.