Hello, my name is Summer Bellessa with Eliza Magazine, and I am here to talk about how to wear skinny jeans with ankle boots. What you'll need are a pair of ankle boots, the right skinny jeans and the rest of your outfit. So, when picking your ankle boots, you want to really be aware of the length that they are. If they are really, really low, they'll go with a different pair of skinny pants, skinny jeans, than if they're really high. So, some of them go right below the ankle bone, and with those you're going to want a little bit longer of a skinny jean to pair with them. Also, if they are up a little bit higher than the ankle bone, you want to make sure that your skinny jeans can go inside of them and not over them. If you're tall, you can usually pull off more of a crop jean with some skin showing in between the boot. If you're on the shorter side, this will break up your body and won't make you look as long. Also, with colors, really you can do any color. It's more of a balance. So, if your ankle boots are a bright color, you should probably tone it down with, you know, a black skinny or a gray or something that isn't competing for the attention, and vice versa, if you're wearing, you know, purple skinnies, black would probably be your best option. Now, with the rest of your outfit, the most flattering look on most bodies for skinny jeans are really billowy type of tops. So, you're going to want to find a top that isn't, you know, skin tight because you've already got very fitted jeans. If you don't look good in, kind of, the tunic type shirts, you can always put a belt with it to accentuate your waist and then accessorize with whatever works for that outfit, whether it's, you know, a big oversized bag and some great jewelry. You can have fun and bring your own personality into that side of it, and that is how to mix ankle boots with skinny jeans.