Video transcription

This segment is about the top of the head. So we're going to start by just kind of massaging her scalp all over in the temple area and then we're gently going to run the fingers through her hair. This is kind of setting her up for the facial. Then we're going to take little strands and just kind of tug away on it. Is that okay? It's always good to check with the client if you're doing anything with too much pressure. Is it okay? Okay, good. This is getting the circulation going in the scalp, it's releasing tension, we're working on this whole area where it's good for the headaches and the sinus congestion. A lot of your facial is about the sinuses and the headaches and you'll see when we get down into the back of the neck, so much of this is. But again, it's connected to your bladder, your gallbladder. So now we're just kind of getting her set up. Now we're going to go down into, you don't want me to move that past, into the forehead. And now we're in the front of the forehead here and some people get excruciating headaches just in this area alone and this will relieve that.