Video transcription

Hi! I am Debbie. We are talking about having hermit crabs as pets and what we are discussing right now is what kinds of food you can give your crab and how you maintain healthy water for your crab. There are lots of foods on the market now, powdered varieties, there are some with little shrimp, brine shrimp in them. I prefer this little powdered variety, because the smell is not really strong and somehow it gets a little rank and its easily cleaned up, if your crabs don’t eat it. This one has a lot of iron, they contain some coconut, which is good for your crabs. Crabs are slow eaters and they don’t eat a whole lot, so you don’t want to give your crab a ton of food, just what they can eat in a 24-hour period. So, usually for five crabs, I would give them about this much, probably not going to eat it all, I will clean it out after 24 hours. Also, in their food dish because crabs are omnivorous, which means they will eat almost anything, you want to give them some fresh food as well, a piece of apple, a little piece of carrot, they really love, because I like watching how much they eat, you can really tell there are little bites they have taken in those fresh pieces of food. Now, super important to get this food out of here after 24 hours because it is going to get rotten and you don’t want that. Your crabs don’t need to eat rotten food. So, again you are going to clean out their food dish every 24 hours.