Hi, I'm Jene with Jene's Tropicals in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today, I'm going to demonstrate how to plant an apricot seed. You'll need a few materials, such as a seed starter, Super Thrive, a little container to soak your seed. The first thing you need to do is make sure your apricot seed is fairly fresh. If it's been around for a few days, I recommend soaking it in a couple drops of Super Thrive and water for about 15 hours. Next, I would put the seed starter in a pot and then so you take your seed lean or your seed out of the Super Thrive mixture and then just set it in soil about an inch deep and pack it in nice and soft. Keep it in a partially shaded area where it's I would say slightly humid and your seed should germinate within I would say six weeks or less. And then you're on your way to growing your own apricot tree. I'm Jene. Have a great day.