Hi, I'm Steve Jones, and I'm going to explain about converting fractions to percentages. Fractions are ratios of two numbers. Three fifths, two thirds, a half, three quarters. And can be represented a little by a pie where for example three quarters is three out of four sections. So we divide it into four sections, we take three out of four, so this is three quarters. But, with percentages, we've actually divided this into a hundred sections, a hundred tiny sections, so three quarters is represented actually by seventy five tiny little sections and twenty five tiny sections here, so this is three quarters but it's also seventy five percent. Now let's see how this works when we're trying to convert one fraction into another. Let's have a look at the fraction three quarters. Where did we get this from? So the fraction three quarters. So the fraction three quarters converts to a percentage by multiplying by a hundred. If I multiply it by one hundred I will get a percentage. Equals three times a hundred is three hundred divided by four percent and three hundred divided by four of course is seventy five percent. So this is a simple thing to get one to the other. At the same time, if I take a percentage, I can take the same percentage seventy five percent, right, now if I multiply this, sorry, if I divide this, seventy five, if I divided by a hundred, then I by a procedure of canceling, I can divide top and bottom by twenty five, I'll get three four. I'll get three quarters, so in fact, the procedure for turning a fraction to a percentage is a multiplication by a hundred. To get from a percentage to a fraction is division by a hundred.