Hi, I'm CarolAnn with cyberworkouts.com, and I'm going to show you Yoga bunion poses. So, what we need first is a tennis ball. So, all you have to do is either on the floor or if you're standing or if you're in a seated position, we're going to massage the bottom of our feet with the tennis ball. So, simply just place the tennis ball on the floor. Take your foot on top and just massage your foot. Now, the thing about bunions and, and about our feet is that you know, the minute we're born, it seems like we come out of the womb and our feet go right into a shoe. "Hahahaha". So, we need to have dexterity in our feet just like we have in our fingers. So, to create that dexterity, we can just take a ball and just massage it right underneath the foot and then, utilize the toes on that ball. So, just wherever you feel tightness or just you're uncoordinated in your feet, just, just roll it around. So, it, it's also great for plantar fasciitis. Just roll it around and get that circulation going. Another thing that we can do for bunions is we can separate those toes and place our fingertips between the toes and just really separate those muscles. Again, it's all about getting that dexterity going in the toes, in the foot and then, just separate and utilize those muscles. Another thing we can do is just a nice massage. So, you go right in between those metatarsals and then, just massage the muscles, the tendons and then, just really create a lot of circulation here; 'cause we start to lose it, we wear the wrong shoes and before you know, we have a bunion right there, either on the outside or the inside of the foot. So, we want to make sure that we're massaging those areas. And those are Yoga bunion exercises. I'm CarolAnn for cyberworkouts.com.