Hello, I'm Statia Widak. I'm from Plainview Massachusetts and I love collecting glass. It is my hobby. I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. This is where I keep my china and it's used almost every day, every other day and we have a lot of leaded glass in here and we have a lot of depression glass that we love using as serving wine. We also have the Lenox, Lenox leaded glass which is beautiful. This is an old piece, that's a laurel design, but this is a plain Lenox glass right here, leaded crystal. The way we determine whether it's crystal or leaded crystal, we kind of use a tea spoon and we can hear the ring, and leaded crystal has a beautiful ring to it. Here is a depression glass and it doesn't have much of a ring. The real crystal is like the Lenox glass here. This is a Lenox glass and you can hear the beautiful ring. Leaded crystal is very expensive compared to the regular crystal.