The first thing when you go to check out the church is to meet with the director, go over with her in detail the guidelines, the do's and the don'ts. Ask her for ideas, what others have done that you might be interested in. Again, candelabras, because that is a church, candles are at the church. Flowers, where you can put flowers -- you can put flowers possibly in the vestibule, you can put them in the narthex, and you could put one in the sanctuary, it's just that some of them don't want an array of flowers, and not to hide the cross in the church. Colors, please check the colors. Please make sure the carpet and the colors that you're thinking about are going to work together, and again, take the time to go back with swatches once you start pulling your plan together, to see what's really going to work, and to have a smile on your face on your wedding day.