Decorating Church Pews for Weddings

Video transcription

Hi I'm Becky Sosa with Stress Free Events and I'd like to talk to about decorating church pews for weddings. There are lots of things to consider when decorating your church pews. The biggest thing is how much do you want to spend and what is the look of your wedding. You want to decorate the pews to capture your guest's attention but they also need to capture the feel of the event. Another thing to consider when you are decorating the church pews is the ease of your guests. You do not want to have a large arrangement on the side of the pew that the guests are going to have to maneuver around or that is going to cut off the walk way in any way. This is something that you need to consider in smaller churches or chapels. As far as the decorations themselves check with your church and make sure on the ways that they will allow you to use decorations in the church. Make sure that you can attach with ribbon or tape your decorations. That's one of the things that you will want to consider. You may want to use cones and put petals in them and keep it simple or you may want to use something like a galvanized tin and put the floral arrangement in it. These are just some things to consider when decorating church pews for weddings.

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