Hi my name is Mike Summers. I am with Jim the Shoe Doctor in Eugene Oregon and today we are going to be talking about cleaning and protecting patent leather shoes. And the first step in cleaning patent leather shoes, when you have marks like this white mark here. You have to remove those marks. And so we are going to use a product that is called Lincoln Patent Leather Cleaner. And this is basically a solvent based cleaner and what that does is just takes and pulls those right off. So you want to wipe the shoe down. Making sure that you got anything that can be removed off the finish. Now you could buff the shoe and stop at that point but actually the easiest way to deal with patent leather shoes is to use Pledge Furniture Polish. This stuff is better than any patent leather polish that they make. It works great. So it is cheap. You probably have it in your house, and you just spray the shoe. Take a nice clean cloth and you know it does a great job of just cleaning and protecting that patent leather. The patent leather is actually a plastic finish that is on leather. Alright, and that is how you clean and protect a patent leather shoe.