Video transcription

Today we are going to learn how to install a ceiling fan in your home. Now we need to hook the ground wire from the house. So what we are going to do is we are going to run another ground wire so that you will have a ground wire. So let me show you what it is the green wires are our ground wires. They are connected to the ground; we have now a new ground wire. So basically put your 2 wires together as close as you can. Put the wire nut over them and then screw it down holding both wires at the same time and then screw that wire nut pretty tight. That is on. Now we have a ground wire. Now we are going to push all of our wire into our housing so look at it and make sure it chaffing. Everything looks good and then we can take our cover and place it and twist it a little bit so it will stay there temperately. Now we have hung our ceiling fan and hooked up the wires. Now we are going to tighten up on the covering and then we would be ready to install the light kit.