Hi. I'm Amelia and I'm going to talk to you about different hairstyles for different face shapes. Now, we've been going over this before, so I'm going to kind of take this from a different angle and make it a little bit easier for you to understand. A lot of my clients come in and they think that their face is round when actually their is not round. One way to tell if your face is round is you're going to be longer this way than you are this way. So you can stand at a mirror and draw on your mirror with lipstick or something or you can get out a tape measurer or whatever you want to do; take string because a tape measure may not be enough to go around your face and try and measure it that way. If you're longer this way then this way, then your face is going to be long. So just know that if you got a long face you don't want really long hair. You don't want anything to drag you down. You don't want hair going up this way and your don't want hair going down this way. So get rid of the whole Bon Jovi 80's thing. Now if your face is round, get rid of the whole 80's Molly Ringwald thing. You don't want that either. You want more volume here if your face is long. If your face is round, you want to get that length. You want that hair to grow out. Okay? So just make sure that when you're looking in the mirror, don't always assume your face is round. Figure out how wide you are here versus here. And that's going to be the easiest way to figure out where to go from there. And then go to your designer, talk to them about different styles that are going to work best on your face shape.