Let's talk about how to house train a puppy if you're at work all day. When training a puppy to keep the house clean and unsoiled while you're at work all day, or in any absence, it's important that your dog has been crate trained as is well as being comfortable in his crate. Using a crate in crate training your dog is very important if your dog is going to be left alone for long absences while you are at work, shopping, or what have you. Assuming your dog is comfortable in his crate, make sure you exercise your dog and give your dog a chance to eliminate prior to your going to work or the absence. And take, take your dog to the area you want him to eliminate, praise him vigorously when he does, bring him back inside and put him in his crate, a trait, a treat could help with this. Upon your immediate return from wherever you've been, make sure you have your leash ready, immediately take the dog out of the crate, leash your dog up, take him right outside to the place where you want your dog to eliminate, when he does, vigorous praise "good dog." And you're all good. So the important things to remember about a crate is it needs to be the proper size as the reason why we use a crate for crate training is dogs generally will not eliminate where they sleep. So be careful you get the right size crate. If you have a young dog that you're expecting to get larger, it's okay to get a larger crate as long as you some how section it off so he's in a confined, smaller part of the crate.