Wiring the Light Kit for Ceiling Fan Installation

Video transcription

Today we are going to learn how to install a ceiling fan in your home. Also where the light mounting kit mounts on to the bottom housing, there is a nut and a washer that you need to put on there and tighten that up. That is just to secure your light housing kit. Now we are going to go ahead and tighten that up with some pliers. Okay! This is just a ballast and here is your two wires. Now we are going to go ahead and hook these up. The black to the blue, wire nuts again placed on. Screw the wire nuts on while you are holding the wires tightly. Then white to the white. Something like that is fine. Now that we have that put together, we would gently tuck these wires out of the way and push the wire into the housing gently. Don't disconnect anything. Then when it all looks good, study it and see if there is any wires touching anything. If you think if anything is going to rub off or that all looks pretty good right there. So now we are going to hook up this connector. We would put the 2 screws in 3 screws and then we would have our light kit attached to the housing and hooked on to the ceiling fan.

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