Hi I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about enamel paint. Now enamel paint comes in two formulations. One is a water based or an acrylic enamel and the other is an oil based enamel. Enamels are typically paint that you are going to use on trim, maybe some wall surfaces and they are usually in a semigloss, a gloss or a high gloss finish. So this is a particular one. It is an interior, exterior. It is 100% acrylic latex and it is a high gloss enamel and the enamels give you a very durable paint finish that is scrubbable, washable and like I said usually is in a semigloss, gloss, or a high gloss which gives you a very high sheen look to it. Most of the formulations today in your acrylics are actually as good or nearly as good as some of your old oil based enamels so you'll find a lot more in homes today that the trim being painted with an acrylic based or water based enamel just because of the formulations are so much better and so much more durable and the clean up is a lot better, there is not as many of what we call BOC's or fumes with the acrylic based paints. I'm Tim Gipson and that's some information on enamel based paints.