Now I am down to the last treads and risers here. This is your tread what you walk on and what goes up is your rise, your tread. I have the special trim head screws that really go in here nicely and they don't show like deck screws. This is what is recommended for the geo composite. So you just look at your faces and get the best part out. Sometimes they'll be dirty or scratched or mutilated. You have got to make sure you put them in the right way. You just have to make sure you get your gaps even all over, that's a big thing. If you need a tool just go get your flat bar. Sometimes they'll shift when you put these screws in and you have to be really careful and get everything lined out pretty even before you start putting your screws on. I love it when they move like that it's just so precious. You just keep working it down and get everything in order. So once you have everything where you want it and it is tapped in you can go back and put all the screws in and you get them all in place and you go back and screw them all down once you get them all set. Couple in your middle stringer and you have to make sure you are back about an inch and a half or two inches because your tread only comes out so far here on your stringer so you have to come back on these screws here so you hit the wood. If you are out towards the edge too far you will totally miss it so usually put two in this, two in the middle, two on the ends and then six in each board actually, two, four, six and that will tie your stringer all together, tie all your steps, all your rises and it is sturdy.