Disconnecting your wires: This is only for demonstration purposes. We've already removed the light fixture from our ceiling but I am going to show you exactly how to disconnect the wires. While it is plugged up to the ceiling, all of your colors will match. You will have your white and white, you will have your black and black and usually a copper tone or silver tone for your ground. So on the wall it is plugged into your ceiling. The main thing they are going to have is the wire nut just like this. Simply all these are you just screw them off. That is all there really is to it. Once it is off like that, the wires will most likely be tied together just as seen here. Just give those a little twist also and the wires will detach. Of course, make sure that the power is off. You don't want to get shocked especially on the black one. The black one will hurt the most. I guarantee you. But this is the way that you disconnect your wires.