Hi, I'm Tim Gipson, I'm going to talk to you about drill bits for hardened steel. Now the hardest thing that we do when we're drilling is working with steel such as stainless steel or some other steel that is very hard. So there's particular drill bits that we need to use when we're drilling that. Got a couple of examples here. The first one that works very well is a titanium coated drill bit or a cobalt drill bit. Those are the two drill bits that you want to choose when you got to drill hardened steel. Now the other thing when you are drilling hardened steel is it's important that to keep your cutting surfaces working well on your drill bit, that you reduce as much friction and keep the heat down as much as possible. So it's always good to have something like this which is a - just a general purpose oil. In this case this is a three-in-one oil that you can use to put on the hole that you're trying to drill. This will lubricate the drilling point and keep that heat from building up and keep your drill bit working at a high efficiency. These are available in various sizes and one thing when you get to the point where you are drilling hardened steel, because it is so hard, you'll also want to use a punch to start your hole so when you mark your hole, you want to get a steel punch and what that'll do is it'll put a little dimple in the steel and allow the point of your drill bit to catch into that. So again for drilling hardened steel you want to use the titanium coated drill bit, cobalt drill bit and you want to make sure you have some kind of lubricating oil to keep the heat down from the friction so that it will cut properly. I'm Tim Gipson and that's some tips on drilling hardened steel.