Video transcription

In this clip we are going to talk about one particular kind of wiper arm failure. It generally happens in a colder weather climate where the blade can be frozen to the windshield. I am going to step back into the driver's seat of the car and turn the wiper blades on and you will see the exact problem right away. In motion, you are really not safe to be driving on the road. This problem is usually remedied if you know how to go about it. Just wait for that blade to return and turn them off. Let me hop out of the car here. What has happened in these snowier climates, this blade has frozen itself to the windshield at one point and time. Somebody had turned the wipers on and that had broken this retaining nut loose. Overtime it just being used and being that it is a spring loaded device that it slowly unscrewed that nut enough until it wasn't held tight to the shape of the wiper arm. In order to remedy this, grab whatever tool you prefer. I like a set of locking pliers. They are a pretty good universal wrench. Go ahead and tighten it right back down. As long as you don't try and break your wiper blades free with the force of the wiper motor itself, the trouble almost never happens to you and there you go. Let me show you the proper operation again.