Gift Ideas for an 18-Year-Old Girl's Birthday

Updated March 29, 2017

Turning 18 is a milestone occasion in a young person's life. Celebrate a girl entering adulthood by presenting her with a special gift. From sentimental items that she can treasure for a lifetime, to a fun day out she will never forget, there are lots of ways to show that you care. What you buy will depend upon your relationship, tastes and your budget.

Gift Basket

Create a personal basket filled with all the things that she will like. If she will be celebrating by having a party with friends, include new make-up, hair styling tools or a gift voucher so she can buy a dress from her favourite store. Alternatively, fill the basket with sentimental items. Add a framed photograph of a fun time that you have shared. The basket should be personal to her; if she is a fan of a particular brand of candy or likes a particular actor, include related items. Theme the basket for an 18th birthday by including 18 small mementos that symbolise each year of her life.

Makeover Photo Session

As we move into adulthood our style and tastes change. We often adopt a new look or image as we mature into a woman. To mark a milestone birthday such as the 18th, arrange for her to have a makeover photo shoot. Lots of photography studios offer packages that include styling and prints from the day. Not only will it give her the opportunity to experiment with a new hair and make-up style but she will also get a photograph from the day to remind her of the occasion.

Engraved Jewelry

Buy her a precious gift that she can enjoy for many years to come. Have a ring or bracelet engraved with a special birthday message, date or phrase for her. A special piece of jewellery can be passed on to her children when the time comes and serve as a keepsake. Alternatively, buy her a locket and include a photograph inside of the two of you. Have a look at her current jewellery collection and buy her a new piece that complements it.

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