What are Some Good Things to Ask for on an 18th Birthday?

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Upon reaching their 18th birthdays, many newly-minted adults desire a present that can both help them in their new adult endeavours and serve as a reminder of this all-important milestone. If you are struggling with what to ask for this birthday, consider your post-18th birthday plans and determine what gift might best help you reach these goals.


Now that you are an adult, hit the road and explore the world around you by heading off on a trip. Ask your gift giver to buy you an all-inclusive trip, such as tickets for a cruise, or to cover part of the cost of a more pricey voyage, such as buying you a plane ticket to Europe so you can backpack. Consider partnering with a friend (who's also turning 18) in requesting this gift, to ensure that you have someone with whom to share your adventures.


If you are heading off to college, a laptop is a valuable tool that would make a wonderful 18th birthday present. Ask for one of these highly portable computing devices featuring the particular bells and whistles you desire. If you expect a number of people to buy you a gift, consider asking for the computer itself from one gift giver and programs from several others.

Meaningful Jewelry

To commemorate this grand event, request a meaningful jewellery piece. Ask for a birthstone ring, a locket or a diamond pendant. Not only will this gift make a great addition to your current jewellery collection, or serve as a wonderful way to start one, it will also always remind you of your entry into adulthood.

Cash for College

Instead of requesting a purchased present, ask for the gift of cash to defray college costs. Ask your parents to spread the word among friends and family members that cash for college is your gift of choice. By doing so, you can likely amass a sizeable amount of money which you will certainly appreciate when you head off to college.

Digital Camera

Prepare to capture the excitement that you are about to experience by requesting a digital camera. Ask for a standard photographic digital camera, or instead, a video camera. With this device, you can catch and preserve all the things you witness in the exciting years that follow your 18th birthday.

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