Games for a 70th Birthday

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A 70th birthday is a milestone that certainly deserves a party. While you might think that party games are just for children, there are actually plenty of games that are perfect for adults and senior citizens.

Keep in mind any limitations that the guest of honour and other party guests might have, such as being confined to a wheelchair or having bad hearing or vision.

Who Am I?

Play a game that lets the party guests mingle and talk amongst themselves. When people arrive at the party, pin a name written on a piece of paper to their guests. Choose famous musicians, actors, politicians and even fictional characters. Remember to make sure the people that you choose will be recognisable to the older people at the party. The guests have to mingle and ask each other questions about the name pinned to their back until they figure out who it is.


Bingo is an easy game for most people to play, from small children to elderly adults, so it is a good option for a party with guests of all ages. Purchase a bingo game or make one yourself using pieces of poster board. Give your guests stamps that say "Happy Birthday" that they can use to mark their cards when a letter and number are called. Give prizes to the winners, such as candies.

Who Knows You Best?

Work with the birthday party's guest of honour before the party to create a trivia game about his life. Make up a quiz consisting of all sorts of questions about him, such as "What year did he get married?" or "What is his favourite television show?" When the guests arrive, give them each a sheet of paper and a pen. Call out the questions and have everyone write down their answers. Let the guest of honour tell everyone the right answers when the quiz is over. The person who gets the most correct wins a small prize.

Name That Tune

Play the game Name That Tune at a 70th birthday party. Before the party begins, create a burnt CD or a playlist on your mp3 player containing all sorts of songs. Be sure to include songs from the guest of honor's youth. When everyone arrives, begin the game. Play the beginning of the song and have the players write the title down on a piece of paper. The person who gets the most correct wins. This will be a blast from the past for the guest of honour.