Bible prayer games for adults

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Bible prayer games are educational for everyone, including adults. If you are looking for a few prayer games, prepare some entertaining games that are fun and will help adults learn different Bible prayers. The games are perfect for a church event or Bible study.

Entice the adults to play along by awarding game winners with Bibles, Biblical prayer cards, Bible covers and Biblical bookmarks.

Easy Games

For an easy prayer game, write down prayers on index cards. Read one prayer at a time aloud to the adults. After each prayer, select one adult to recite as much of the prayer as she can remember. If she can remember more than half of the words, award her with a small prize. Alternatively, have the adults try to write the prayer on a dry-erase or chalkboard instead of reading it aloud. For another idea, write the prayer on the board with a few missing words. Have an adult try to fill in the blanks in the prayer.

Memory Games

Write several prayers on index cards and place them on a board for the adults to view. After everyone looks at the prayers, ask them to close their eyes and remove a couple of the prayers. When they open their eyes, any player who can name one of the missing prayers wins a small prize. You can make another memory game by printing two of each prayer. Place the cards face down and have the adults play a game of memory match with the prayers. The adult who finds the most pairs wins the game.

Team Games

Divide the adults into teams of three or four. Write three prayers on a large index card; however, write one of the prayers incorrectly by using different words or leaving out words. Give each team a card and have them decide which prayer is incorrect. For each correct answer, the team earns a point. The first team to earn five points wins the game. For another team game, give each team blank index cards. Read the first half of a prayer and have the teams write down the rest of the prayer. The team who answers closest to the correct answer earns a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Circle Games

Ask the adults to sit in a circle and whisper a Bible prayer into one player's ear. He must whisper the prayer into the player's ear next to him. Each player must whisper the prayer into the ear of the player next to him. The last player will say the prayer aloud to see if he has it correct. Keep playing until the adults make it all the way around the circle with the correct prayer. Alternatively, make two circles of adults and have one "judge," who determines the winner. The adults will race to pass the same prayer around each team circle. The first team who says the prayer correct wins the game.