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Clever Things to Put in a Heart Necklace

Updated April 17, 2017

A heart necklace is an item of jewellery that is worn around the neck. There are two types of heart necklaces that you can put things into: a heart-shaped locket with a hollow centre or a transparent heart necklace which can have special items placed into the clear wet resin prior to setting. When giving a loved one such a necklace, consider a few ideas to include in the necklace to make it truly special.

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You can put either dried or fresh flowers inside your locket or resin heart pendant. To dry a fresh flower, place the flower head neatly on top of a book page, then close the book and pile several other books on top of it. After about two weeks, the flower will be dried and ready for placing into a heart necklace. Different flowers carry different meanings as well as serve as a visually attractive centrepiece.


A snippet of your loved one's hair can be kept inside of a heart-shaped locket. In Victorian times, men kept tiny amounts of their lovers' hair inside of a locket as a symbol of their love. Simple take a small snippet of your loved one's hair (no longer than 1 inch), tie a small piece of ribbon around it in a bow and place it inside your heart locket.


Candy is a fun and clever thing to put inside of a resin heart pendant. Simply take your candy of choice and place it into the wet resin mixture while it is still in the heart-shaped mould. Be creative with the type of candy you use; some ideas include gummy bears, heart-shaped candies and jelly beans. Not only is this a fun and creative way to express your personality, but it lets others know what your favourite types of candy are.

Love Note

A tiny love note can be folded up and place inside of a locket as a reminder of your love for the wearer. Practice tiny handwriting on a scrap piece of paper before writing the note and folding it up. Alternatively, you can ask your partner to write you a romantic love note for you to wear.


Small crystal chips and gemstones can be inserted into both heart-shaped lockets and resin heart necklaces. You can choose a crystal that matches the colour of your eyes or, as an extra special touch, look up your birthstone and place that inside of the heart necklace.

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