Costume Ideas for Song Title-Themed Party

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Everyone loves a good party. Of course, it's hard to have a good party without good music. Merge the two, and come up with an interesting party idea. That's right, host a song-titled theme party. With a little thought and creativity, anyone can come up with a costume that's right on track.

"You Can Call Me Al"

Play off Paul Simon's 1986 Graceland release "You Can Call Me Al." Wear a white lab coat, circle glasses and frizzy hair. The costume for this South African influenced song will need an introduction. When someone asks who you are simply state, "You can call me Al."

"Man in Black"

Take a cue from Johnny Cash, and stand up for the poor and the beaten down with an all-black outfit. Wear black from head to toe in tribute to Johnny Cash and his 1971 release "Man in Black."

"Dude Looks Like a Lady"

In 1987, Aerosmith put out a comeback single on the album Permanent Vacation, "Dude Looks Like a Lady." Rock out in a dress and a pair of high heels. Dressing in drag is the perfect "Dude Looks Like a Lady" get up.

"Come as You Are"

For an anti-costume idea, reference Nirvana. The song "Come as You Are," is an anthem for individuality. So, skip a special get up and wear whatever is in the closet. Anything that works is the perfect "Come as You Are" costume.

"Me and Mrs. Jones"

This costume is perfect for a couple. The couple must have two T-shirts printed in the same colour and style. On the man's shirt print the word, "Me," and on the woman's write "Mrs. Jones." Both people can wear jeans and their T-shirts to embody the 1972 Billy Paul crooner "Me and Mrs. Jones."

"Devil with a Blue Dress"

This song costume is fit for a lady who wants to look like a show stopper. This song costume is fit for a lady who wants to look like a showstopper. Detroit soul singer Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels sang a catchy tune describing an attractive woman in the audience. Slip on a sexy blue dress with lots of eye-catching accessories. Then put on a pair of devil horns and carry along a pitchfork. Walk in the party as the 1966-released hit "Devil with a Blue Dress"

"Hungry Like the Wolf"

Duran Duran's 1982 U.S. breakthrough hit "Hungry Like the Wolf" is good for a few chuckles. To start off, wear a wolf costume. When anyone at the party asks, "How it's going," say, "Hungry!" Take it further by asking the host or hostess if they have any more food, explaining, "I'm so hungry I could eat an elk." After a while, it will be evident the person in the furry costume is "Hungry Like the Wolf."

"Walk Like an Egyptian"

On the album, Different Light, the Bangles sang, "Walk Like an Egyptian," creating a popular dance craze. Put on the heavy black eyeliner and the typical Egyptian wig and attire. Plan to spend a large part of the evening doing the sand dance.