Best Man Poem Ideas for a Brother's Wedding

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As the best man in your brother's wedding, you have the honour of standing at his side during the ceremony and the responsibility of standing up during the reception and making an unforgettable speech. Whether you're looking to write your own words or share another's, a poem is a meaningful way to express what you want to say.

Sentimental Ideas

A sentimental poem gets to the heart of the matter, touching on your special relationship with your brother while conveying your love and well-wishes for him and his bride. Your sentimental poem need not rhyme, only consist of a rhythmical flow of words with appropriate emphasis and pauses.

Discuss childhood memories and how they have shaped your brother. Describe how your brother acted when he fell in love with his bride. Express how pleased you are that your brother found true happiness. Share your hopes for the couple, perhaps wishing them the same happiness your mother and father or you and your wife share.

Humorous Ideas

Compose a humorous poem if you want to generate laughs instead of tears. Incorporate any mildly embarrassing stories about your brother's forays into dating, but avoid dredging up bad memories about exes or getting too personal with any details. Tease your brother about his celebrity crushes or ill-conceived notions about love as a teenager or child. Describe how "out of his league" your brother's new wife is, describing her beauty and brains while light-heartedly questioning her sanity for choosing your brother.

Rhyme works wonders when you're at a loss for words. Your rhymes don't have to be works of art or even perfect rhymes, they just have to be funny. Easy gems are rhyming "bride" with "crime" or "hide" and "groom" with "zoom" and "womb." Test your poem out on a small group before the wedding to ensure your material will go over well at the reception.

Borrowed Words

You don't have to create an original poem to give a memorable speech. Sometimes someone else has already written a poem or song that expresses exactly what you want to say. Consider an excerpt from a song by a musician you and your brother both love, for example. If your family is religious, look to spiritual texts for words on love, marriage or family. Finish or adapt a well-known poem such as "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue" with your own words.

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