Dress-Up Ideas with Bible Themes

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Bible-themed dress-ups are useful for church activities such as youth group get togethers, fundraising events and Sunday school lessons. With the dramatic events and numerous characters in the Bible, dress-up ideas of this sort are endless.

Character Ideas

There are many biblical characters you can use for your dress-up. Print out a list of characters you want to appear at the party. Give these to the people who are attending and have each person pick one character. Include characters from the Old Testament such as Daniel, Noah, Eve and Abraham and New Testament characters such as Jesus, Peter, Judas, Mary and Joseph. Avoid inviting Satan or any variation of him to the party. Include male and female characters and non-specific characters such as shepherds.

Adult Costume Ideas

Hand out a list of appropriate costume ideas and tips. Men during biblical times usually wore simple long-sleeved coats and sandals. Include pictures and artist renderings that illustrate the general attire. Encourage the men to wear wigs to emulate the long hair many men had during this period. Try to get them to grow facial hair, if possible. Women often wore simple dresses that covered their body. Colours varied between yellow, brown and very light tans. Character specific costume ideas can include a shepherd headpiece made with a piece of cloth and a rubber band wrapped around the head. Let guests bring character specific props such as Moses carrying two pieces of cardboard made to look like the Ten Commandments. Other props could include plastic palm leaves to mimic the story of Jesus arriving at Jerusalem and even a stuffed whale for Noah.

Kid Costumes

Costume ideas for kids can include specific children from the Bible such as a teenage Moses or a baby Jesus for the very young. Dress them up in miniature versions of the adult costumes, including small robes and sandals. Make angel costumes for children not interested in dressing up like a specific character. Props for children can include a toy lion for teenage Daniel's or halos for the angels. Make halos out of coat hangers or buy costume halos in stores. A biblical-themed dressup during Sunday school lets kids have a little fun while learning the lesson of the Bible. These dress-ups sessions can be more informal and less planned or serious.

Dress-Up for a Cause

You can also use a biblical-themed dress-up as a way to raise money for your church. These dress-ups should be formal, serious and organised. Include Bible readings and other events. Charge a small fee for attending, serve food and place a donation bucket at the doors. Schedule these during seasons like Easter and Christmas.

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