How to Make a "Willy Wonka" Walking Stick

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A walking stick is a wise and useful item to have on a hike or extended walk. It can help balance and support some of your weight and the weight you're carrying, taking some of the pressure off of your back and knees. However, sometimes a walking stick fulfils a stylistic function rather than a practical one. For example, the character Willy Wonka in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" used a walking stick for purely aesthetic purposes. Luckily, recreating this particular walking stick doesn't require you to be a professional props designer for a major studio.

Spray-paint your wooden ball with black acrylic spray paint. Allow the paint to dry completely overnight. Place a swirl-shaped stencil over the ball and hold it in place with painter's tape.

Spray the stencil white with acrylic spray paint and remove the stencil and tape carefully as the white paint is drying. Set the ball aside.

Attach one rubber stopper to the end of your rubber tube. Fill the tube with 0.227kg multicoloured sprinkles. Set aside the tube.

Turn the wooden ball over. If you bought it from a craft store it should have a hole to put a screw in. Twist one end of a two-ended screw into it. Slice a small hole into the centre of your other rubber stopper with a utility knife.

Push the screw attached to your painted wooden ball through the hole in the rubber stopper. Screw a nut to the screw that's now pushed through the hole to keep them attached. Push the rubber stopper onto the other end of the cane, securing it shut.

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