Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for a Metal Head Boyfriend

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Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend can be challenging, but if he's into heavy metal music that narrows the scope a bit. A heavy metal-themed present can let your boyfriend know that you pay attention to the things he likes and that you have chosen a gift with his interests in mind.

MP3 Player

A great gift for any music lover is an MP3 player such as an iPod. If you order an iPod on the Apple website, engraving comes free with your purchase. Consider engraving the iPod for your boyfriend and have something sweet put on it such as "Our love rocks." Purchase an iTunes gift card to go with it so he can choose his favourite metal music to put on the iPod, or surprise him and fill the iPod up with his favourite rocking tunes before you give it to him. The iPods come in many different styles and colours so choosing one should be simple.

Concert Tickets

Check out Ticketmaster or your local weekly magazine to see what bands are coming to town. If you spot a heavy metal act your boyfriend can't get enough of, purchase a pair of tickets and surprise him with a night out of headbanging together. Tell him you have a surprise for him and pick him up. Take him to the concert and enjoy his reaction. It is a thoughtful gift and a way you can share his interest in music.


Many metalheads like to fantasise that they, too, are in a heavy metal band. Indulge your boyfriend's fantasy by buying him an electric guitar and a gift token for a month of lessons. Or, a drum set and some cool drum sticks. If he's already a musician and owns instruments, figure out what he needs or what is on his wish list and buy that. If he's been eyeing a new amplifier, pick it up. If he needs a new strap for his guitar, get him a really cool one or have one custom made.


Wander into a music themed store such as Hot Topic, and pick your boyfriend up some new T-shirts with band logos of his favourite band, a cool belt buckle or maybe even a neat punk wallet. Stores that cater to hard rock music fans typically carry beanies, belts, shirts, trousers and all types of merchandise that reflect metal tastes in music. Load up on some fan gear for your boyfriend to let him know how much you care.

Mixed CD

Sit down at your computer and compile a mixed CD for your boyfriend. Using heavy metal bands you know he likes, find the romantic or love songs and put those on a heavy metal love CD for your boyfriend. He'll be touched that you went to so much trouble finding songs he would like.

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