Cute Names for a Luau Party Theme

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A luau is an entertaining Hawaiian party full of kebabs, summer music and games like limbo. If you are looking to come up with a cute name for your luau party there are many different options.

Depending on the reason for the party (like time of year or an event) and how Hawaiian you want to be (like using Hawaiian words) there are certain names that fit better than others.

Tropical Party

There are few things more tropical than a luau party, so why not refer to your luau as a tropical extravaganza. List the location as a tropical resort (at your address). Talk about the tropical food and drinks that will be available. You can even call it something silly like the Luau Tropico.

Hawaiian Party

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party and most people will assume you are doing a luau if you call your party a Hawaiian party. Names for the party that include Hawaiian in the title are Hawaiian Hideaway, Hawaiian Hoedown, Hawaiian Bash or Hawaiian Celebration. Emphasize the luau aspect by calling it a Hawaiian Luau.

Hula Dance-Off

Hula dancing is one of the main components of any good luau. This means that you can place a picture of a hula dancer on your invitation, call it a Hula Dance-Off and most guests will be excited about your cute, upcoming luau. Reinforce this by setting up a hula dancing contest at your party.


Hoohiwahiwa is a Hawaiian word that literally means celebrate but can be used as a name for your luau. There are different words for different types of celebrations that you may find are appropriate for your luau. A promotion could be called a ho'opi'i, a wedding feast could be an 'aha'aina male and a sweet 16 could be called a momona 'umi kumaono. Other Hawaiian words you can include in your invitation include kono (invited), manawa (date/time) and kauwahi (place).


Another cute way to phrase your luau party's name is to welcome in the upcoming season or event. For example, if you are having a luau at the beginning of the summer, call it an Aloha Summer party. For a promotion luau, you can call it an Aloha Jason's New Job party. Other examples include Aloha Baby, Aloha New Apartment and Aloha Engagement.