Valentine's Day homemade gift ideas for a boyfriend

Homemade gifts are always sentimental. It shows that the creator put time and thought into making something special. Anyone can go to a store and purchase a gift, but it takes creativity, consideration and a certain level of skill to create a homemade gift. For Valentine's Day, consider a homemade gift for your boyfriend, and he will appreciate the sentiment, even if he is not the sentimental type.

Music CD

Chances are you and your boyfriend have a few songs that your consider "your songs." A specially created compact disc is a thoughtful homemade gift. Go through your catalogue of CDs and mp3 songs and select those that have sentimental meaning. Select songs that recall when you met and when you had memorable dates. Pick songs by artists whose concerts you attended, and include your boyfriend's favourite artists. Gather them all and burn them on a CD. Customise the CD cover, and if possible, inscribe a message on the CD itself with a Valentine's Day greeting.

Knitted Scarf

When cold weather hits, people reach for their heaviest coats, gloves and scarves. A knitted scarf makes an ideal gift. Presented on Feb. 14th, in the heart of winter, it is a gift your boyfriend will keep close to him, literally. If you've never knitted before, have someone show you the basics, or follow an online tutorial. Select yarn that matches your boyfriend's coat. Use soft yarn that will feel good around his neck and face.


A small scrapbook highlighting a vacation or the progression of your relationship is a thoughtful homemade Valentine's Day gift. Smaller than a traditional album, a 10 by 10 cm (4-by-4-inch) scrapbook takes less time to assemble because it requires only a few pictures. Showcase the best pictures, with one per page, and write a narrative or simple comment that captures the meaning of the picture. Your boyfriend will appreciate the time you spent selecting photos and putting together each page. It will serve as a reminder of your relationship long after Valentine's Day.

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