Sorry Gifts for Him

Written by yvonne van damme | 13/05/2017
Sorry Gifts for Him
Give him a teddy bear as a way of apologising. (teddy bear image by Warren Millar from

Giving a gift is a thoughtful idea if you need to say that you're sorry. If you are feeling bad about something that you did or said to your spouse or boyfriend, give him a gift to say "sorry." Choose something that is fun and that will remind him of you. Get creative and say you're sorry in a unique way.

Personalised Mug

An "I'm sorry" gift to give to the man in your life is a personalised mug. This is perfect if he is a coffee or tea drinker. Have the mug personalised with a message that says that you love him, that you're sorry and always appreciate him. Another option is to give him a mug with his initials on it, along with a card that says that you are sorry.

Baked Goods

Show him your sweet and thoughtful side by giving him baked goods to say sorry. If you are a skilled baker, whip up some cinnamon rolls or chocolate chip cookies and serve in a decorative basket. Another idea is to purchase delicious baked goods from your favourite store or bakery and also put them in a basket or container. Wrap a bow around it.

Teddy Bear

An inexpensive, but thoughtful way to say that you're sorry to him is with a cute teddy bear. An added touch is to have the teddy bear wear a T-shirt that says "I'm sorry". Surprise him with the teddy bear when he isn't expecting it. Put it on the seat of his car so that he will find it in the morning.

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