Creative homemade anniversary gift ideas for mum and dad

Written by elizabeth arnold | 13/05/2017
Creative homemade anniversary gift ideas for mum and dad
Treat your parents to a selection of handmade biscuits. (cookies image by Penny Williams from

If your mum and dad are celebrating a special 25th or 50th anniversary, or any year in between, treat them to a homemade gift. Creating homemade anniversary gifts is ideal if you're on a tight budget or if you are creative and artistic. Not only do handmade gifts cost less than pre-made versions, they may also appear more heartfelt and charming.

Basket of baked goods

If you're known for your baking prowess, treat your parents to a basket filled with your handmade creations. Your mum and dad can enjoy the sweet treats after an anniversary dinner. Line a woven basket with decorative cloth napkin. Consider your parent's diet restrictions when making the treats; use sugar substitutes if need be. Fill the basket with a fruit or cream pie, moist carrot cake, banana bread, a mix of oatmeal, sugar and shortbread, mini muffins and cupcakes. You can also make a special cake featuring a "Happy Anniversary" message to accompany the gift basket. As a special touch, include two mugs filled with individual packages of gourmet coffee or hot chocolate, which your parents can sip while sampling the baked goods.

Homemade candle holder

Surprise your mum and dad with a handcrafted candle holder that looks just as elegant as a shop-bought version. Decorating your own holder will allow you to completely customise the look. Your parents can use the candle holder to create ambience during an anniversary dinner. Enhance the holder according the anniversary the recipients are celebrating. For instance, if your parents have been married for 25 years, use silver decor items; silver is the material associated with a 25th wedding anniversary. For a sophisticated style, glue flat-backed silver gems all over a clear glass candle holder. You can also use silver glitter paint and stencils to write "Happy 25th Anniversary" on the holder using stencils. If your mum and dad are celebrating 50 years together, use gold paint instead of silver. Fill the candle holder with a votive prior to presenting the gift.

Wedding day time capsule

As a sweet and sentimental touch, surprise your parents with a handmade time capsule full of items representing the year they got married. Collect the items and place them into a decorative wood or tin box painted with the words "Happy Anniversary," along with the wedding date and current date. Fill the time capsule with CDs and DVDs featuring the top music and films from the wedding year, retro-inspired food and candy items and a trivia book from the year. Have a gold or silver frame engraved with your parent's names and wedding and anniversary years and insert an image from their wedding day.

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