25th Anniversary Gifts for a Wife

Written by luanne kelchner | 13/05/2017
25th Anniversary Gifts for a Wife
The Silver Jubilee is a celebration of a long and successful marriage. (anniversary image by Arpad Nagy-Bagoly from Fotolia.com)

The 25th wedding anniversary is a special occasion that requires a thoughtful and creative gift. For 25 years, you've been buying an anniversary gift for your wife, but this milestone calls for an extra special and memorable token. Gifts of silver are traditional for this anniversary and the iris is the flower that symbolises a couple's Silver Jubilee.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewellery is a traditional choice for a husband to give his wife on their 25th wedding anniversary. Look at the pieces of jewellery that your wife already wears to determine her style and taste. A silver necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings are a lovely 25th anniversary gift. Select a piece with gemstones to make it even more special.

Gift Basket

Fill a gift basket with luxurious treats your wife will love, such as lotions, bath salts, slippers and pyjamas. You can also select gourmet items for the basket such as chocolates, coffees and other rare treats. Decorate the basket with silver ribbon and slip in some irises to commemorate the silver anniversary.

Romantic Evening

Plan a romantic evening alone with your wife of 25 years to celebrate your time together. Arrange with a restaurant in advance to have a special anniversary cake presented during your evening. Present your wife with tickets to the theatre, elegantly wrapped in silver paper.

Silver Stemware

Silver stemware is an ideal gift for a 25th anniversary. Choose a set that has fine crystal for the goblet portion and a silver stem. You can find elegant pieces with gemstones or crystals added to the stem to make the glasses truly fine pieces. Use these glasses to toast your 25 years together.

Personalised Gifts

Whether you choose silver stemware, jewellery or candlestick holders, have the gift engraved to celebrate your anniversary. Include the date and your wife's name to mark the celebration.

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