Hairstyles for Thick & Poofy Hair

Most women dream of having a thick and lustrous head of hair, but sometimes--especially with curly hair--this can be more of a curse than a blessing. Thick and curly hair has the tendency to become poofy and unmanageable in certain weather conditions or without the proper cut to compliment its rich, full texture. The good news is that you--or your stylist--can create a number of fashionable hairstyles for thick and poofy hair to keep your locks under control.


A trendy style that works well with thick and poofy hair is dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are narrow strands of hair that are twisted and teased to create sloppy, braid-like tresses that hang away from the head. By taking the hair in sections, you can twist and backcomb each section until the hair is matted and stays in place. Special dreadlocks styling wax can be used to help retain the matting and prevent frizz and poof.

French Braids

If you like a traditional girlish style, French braids can keep your thick and unruly hair attractively contained. Starting at the centre of the forehead, create a braid by weaving thin sections of hair back and forth over each other, adding more hair to each strand as you go. Weave the braid all the way back so your last section of hair is added at the neckline. Braid the length of the hair as usual and secure with a hairband. For a younger look, part you hair down the middle from forehead to neck and weave a braid on each side.

Thinned Out Layers

If you prefer a looser and more free-falling style, try adding some thinned out layers to your thick hair. A layered haircut can dramatically reduce bulk and volume in unwanted areas around the head and face. Ask your stylist to incorporate several strategically placed layers throughout your style and use thinning shears to sculpt a neater and less bulky design.

Curly Up-dos

Thick, curly hair--though often coveted--is one of the most likely hair textures to become poofy and unmanageable. A good way to show off those springy locks without overshadowing your face is wearing partially free-falling up-dos. Pull your hair tightly and smoothly away from your face and secure with a hairband or barrettes, leaving the length of the hair free and in its natural state. Refrain from brushing or combing your hair to reduce frizz. If desired, rub a glossy hair product in the palm of your hands and gently run your fingers through the length of your hair for added smoothness and shine.

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