Hairstyles With Barrel Curls

Updated March 23, 2017

Jessica Alba, Tyra Banks and Beyonce have worn barrel curls to award shows and other public events. Barrel curls add volume to hair when wearing it down, half up or all the way up. While vertical curls fall vertically, barrel curls are horizontal. Create barrel curls by rolling the hair up into a roller or a curling iron while keeping the iron or roller horizontal.

Shiny Barrel Curls with Volume

This is a popular red-style carpet look that is reminiscent of old Hollywood. The finished look is shiny, cascading barrel curls. Use a ceramic hot roller set to create volume. For a casual look, keep the hair parted down the centre and mess curls up by scrunching after they have cool. For a dressy or elegant barrel curl hairstyle, part the hair off to the side prior to curling and keep the curls defined. Start either look by raking a dime-sized dollop of smoothing serum through the hair. Wind rollers into 2- to 3-inch sections of hair and secure. After the curlers have cooled, release the barrel curls. Spray liberally with firm-hold hairspray.

Updo with Barrel Curls

Updos with barrel curls look elegant and refined. This look works especially well for girls with long, thick hair, but it can also be created on long, fine hair. The thinner and shorter the hair, the smaller the updo will be. Wear an updo with barrel curls to a wedding, prom or dressy event. To create this look, pull the hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Take a 2-inch section of hair and create a barrel curl using a curling iron. Mist the curl with hairspray. If the curl is at the top of the ponytail, wind it upward and secure it with a hair clip that is the same colour as your hair. If the curl is at the bottom of the ponytail, wind the barrel curl down before securing. Repeat the process until you have created a bun shape with the barrel curls. Liberally spray the updo with stiff hairspray.

Barrel Curl Style for Short Hair

Tight barrel curls with a side-part is a great vintage look for girls with short hair. The finished look is fun and playful and keeps the hair out of the eyes. Barrel curls look great on girls with shorter hair, but you will need to use a smaller curling iron. If the hair curls easily use a 3/4-inch barrel, but if the hair does not hold curls well, use a 1/2-inch barrel. To create this look, part the hair to the side and use the iron to create barrel curls. After the hair has been curled, take a 3-inch section of hair located at the front of the head on the smaller side of the part. Twist the hair backward and secure it with a hair clip. Spray the hair with stiff hairspray and tousle the curls with your fingers.

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