Thai hairstyles for men

Updated February 21, 2017

Thailand has a long-standing history of fashion that extends from the ancient Dvaravati period through to the modern day. A large force in fashion, hair has been a part of this tradition from the beginning. Hairstyles for Thai men run a 1400-year history, extending from ancient warrior cultures to the thriving gay community in 21st-century Bangkok. From long to short to medium hair, there are styles for all Thai men.

Short hair

A number of short hairstyles exist for Thai men. At their most basic, short hairstyles for men are buzz cuts or simple styles with closely cropped hair and short fringe. More stylised short haircuts for men crop the hair closely on the side of the head with the help of clippers, while keeping it slightly longer on the top. This cut can then be fashioned with product into styles like the fauxhawk and variations thereof, such as small spikes rising from the crown of the head with small fringe hanging over the forehead.

Medium hair

There are plenty of hairstyles for Thai men with medium hair. One such cut is highly stylised, and evocative of both '80s New Wave and 2000s emo hairstyles. The cut keeps the hair long in the front, with long fringe hanging down, while in the back there is a small mullet. This style keeps hair sheared on the sides of the head, but long tufts hanging down in front of the ear like sideburns. Another medium-length hairstyle for Thai men keeps the hair longer on the top and the front, so it hangs in fringe, brushed to the side of a man's forehead, while the hair on the back of the head is cut short.

Traditional hair

Men looking for a less modern, more traditional Thai hairstyle, have two primary options. The first is a style from the Dvaravati period, when Thai men had long hair worn in two equal length pigtails hanging from the side of the head just where the ears are. A second traditional hairstyle for Thai men, from the Chiang Saen period, sees men wearing a cloth like a turban. Thai men of this period wore long hair that was wrapped and tied within the cloth in a number of ways, thus making the hairstyle creative and personalised.

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