Creative Homemade Birthday Gifts for Best Friends

Updated June 13, 2017

It is always nice to give a gift, but giving a homemade gift is even more special because of the time and energy you have put into it. Choosing a homemade gift idea for your best friend should be easy since you already know what she likes. Simply choose one of her favourite things and make a related craft.


Purchase a scrapbook-making kit from your local craft store and fill it with photos, keepsakes, drawings and poems which highlight times you have spent with your friend and details of how much she means to you.


Make two necklaces or bracelets using colourful glass beads, crafting wire and "Best Friends" charms. Keep one half of the jewellery for yourself and give the other half to your best friend so that each of you will think of the other when you wear it.

Photo Collage

Purchase a "Best Friends" photo frame that holds a number of different photos and insert special pictures of your best friend and you together. Once hung on her wall, your best friend will be reminded of times you have shared.

Baked Goods

If your best friend has a sweet tooth, bake him a batch of homemade goodies. Decadent choices include cream cheese brownies, chocolate chunk cookies or wild berry tarts.

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