Hairstyles for wavy fine & limp hair

Written by ashley leonard | 13/05/2017
Hairstyles for wavy fine & limp hair
A way to get the perfect hairstyle for wavy hair. (hair image by from

It can be difficult to find hairstyles for wavy, fine and limp hair. Curls or loose waves don't normally stay in fine, limp hair. Luckily, there is a way to get the hair you want without buying expensive products. Once you practice you favourite hairstyles and do a few alterations, you can look like you favourite celebrity. There are ways to obtain beautiful hair, whether you have wavy, fine, or limp hair.

The Tousled Look

The tousled hairstyle is ideal for wavy hair because it uses the original wave to create the overall hairstyle. The tousled look requires minimal style time and little hair product. To create this look, use your favourite shampoo and conditioner and apply leave-in conditioner at the ends. Towel dry your hair and spray your hair with salt spray from root to end. Don't spray too much, because it can weigh down your hair and create frizz. Use your hands to tousle your hair and air dry.

Curls for Fine Hair

Finger-made curls complement fine hair because your are creating volume without using heat. When styling your curls, look for products without silicone. If your hair is originally wavy or curly, finger-curl your hair to give your hairstyle definition and flip you head over to scrunch the curls with a towel. Lightly spray your hair with hairspray and air dry.

Volumizing Hairstyle for Limp Hair

To achieve this look, you should leave your hair unwashed so the natural oils can keep your hairstyle and your natural waviness can be maintained. Make a side part on either side of your head and run a dab of volumizing mousse into your dry hair. Flip your hair over and use a vent brush to comb through your hair. This will add more volume. Use a large barrel curling iron to curl the ends to add extra volume for your limp hair.

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