Hairstyles for confirmation

Written by christine argier | 13/05/2017
Hairstyles for confirmation
A hairstyle for confirmation can be simple yet distinctive. (brushing hair image by Mat Hayward from

Those who practice Catholicism take part in the sacrament of confirmation, which is regarded as a rite of passage into the religion. Confirmation can take place at any time but is generally given when the individual is 7 years old. If your child is looking forward to her confirmation soon, consider making the day more memorable with a special hairstyle.


A decorated headband adds a bit of interest to a simple hairstyle. Choose one that matches with the dress the child is wearing and also brings out her personality. There are beaded headbands, satin headbands and even headbands with accents such as flowers or butterflies. For the hairstyle, either leave the child's hair as is and simply insert the headband or first add a few curls with a curling iron. The result is a natural and pretty look.

Fresh Flowers

Placing a few fresh flowers in your child's hair is sure to make her feel special on her exciting day. Pick flowers that match her dress and personality, and use hair clips or clips to keep them in place. Pull your child's hair back, and secure it in a bun or another style. Then add the flowers around her hair or behind her ear. Use the hair clips and clips to secure them, and bring extra flowers with you to replace any that fall out.


Braided hair results in an attractive and put-together look. There are many ways to braid; pick the one that your child likes best or that you are most comfortable with. You can make a single braid in the centre of her hair, split her hair down the centre and make a braid on each side or even do a French braid. Whichever style you choose, be sure to part her hair evenly and take your time for the best results. Consider securing the braids with a beaded hair tie or glittery hair clips for an added touch.

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