Hairstyles for a 6 year old

Updated February 21, 2017

Hairstyles for a six-year-old can be a challenge, as you want a hairstyle that's both attractive and functional and won't get in your child's way as she plays and does schoolwork. Luckily there are a variety of easy and fun ones you can try to give your six-year-old a little bit of style, without slowing him down during the day.


The ponytail is the easiest go to hairstyle for a six-year-old. You can do double ponytails for a little bit of a twist on this classic look, simply do one ponytail at the top of your child's head, with another one underneath it. You can also dress up a plain ponytails with pretty ribbons and scrunchies.


Braids are another pretty and simple style you can try for your little girl. You can do pigtail braids for a whimsical look, or do one braid down the back. Also, you can do a long French braid. Another idea is to take hair at the front of the head and French braid it across the forehead from temple to temple for a braided headband that will keep fringe and hair out of your child's face, and look great too.

Add Curl

Perms are easy ways to give your little girl's hair some bounce and volume. Head to the salon and ask for a semi-permanent perm that won't damage your child's hair too much. Perms hold their style without too much upkeep; just remember not to let your six-year-old get her hair wet for at least a couple days following her perm.

Spikes for Boys

For boys, an easy style to achieve is spiked hair. Start with hair that is three or four inches long, or shorter. All you need to do in the morning to get your little boy ready is apply some hair gel to your hands and pull hair between your fingers to spike it up. You can even do fun twisted spikes for the rebellious six-year-old boy.

Hair Accessories

Using barrettes and headbands when styling your child's hair can be all you need to give her a cute look. You can use pretty clips to simply clip hair back and out of your child's face, or you can use a stylish little headband to pull hair back and out of your little one's face.

Buzzed Look

Another easy style for boys is a simple buzzed look. Use a hair buzzer on a short cutting guard, say 1 ½ to 2 inches, to buzz your boy's hair on top, then use a shorter guard for the sides. This look requires no maintenance, so your little boy will love the fact that they can wake up and go without having to primp in the bathroom.

Cute Bun

Twisting hair up into a bun can be an elegant look for a little girl to try out. Simply twist hair at the nape of the neck into ball and secure with either hair clips or a hair tie. You add little flowers or sparkly barrettes to the bun to dress it up and make it more childlike.

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